Worldwide Asset Management Network

We connect high-quality investment firms with financial institutions, wealth advisory platforms and investors worldwide.

Quality and excellence in selection, execution and service are part of our core beliefs to ensure that we build long-lasting, entrepreneurial business relationships with our clients and Partners, offering them only the best.

Performance is born out of people

For years, we have connected high performance investment managers - our Partners - with financial institutions, wealth advisory platforms and worldwide investors.

For years, we have deployed the ambition of ‘connecting the dots’ between all stakeholders to create value for all.

Today we want to voice our ambition, our forward-looking and confident spirit to share our first European communication campaign.

« Performance is born out of people » is the embodiment of who we are, what we do and the unique way of how we do our work.

We have crafted a video that tells you more about our mindset, our vision and our conviction that our common future is vibrant.

Our values


Together as a team, we constantly share ideas, learn from others, and seek new opportunities, focused on achieving our collective mission.


Everything we do, we do with care and precision, always considering the long-term impact and implications.

Respect with Challenge

We respect our colleagues, partners, shareholders and clients, constantly challenging ourselves and others so we may create a successful business built on productive, lasting relationships.


We act with integrity in every situation, aligning our actions with our thoughts and words, in pursuit of our collective mission.

A worldwide investment and development network dedicated to active asset management

Research and Investment

Strong due diligence capabilities and acquisition expertise allowing the acquisition of long-term participations in some of the best independent traditional and alternative active managers.

Business Development

Thanks to an experienced business development team, present in 11 locations across Europe and the United States, we provide our clients with access to the best management strategies of our Partners.

Asset Management

Construction, management, oversight and monitoring of  diversified ranges of active investment solutions delegated to selected best-in-class investment teams.

At a glance

2013 Founded in
19.6 BN USD AUM*
11 locations worldwide
50 Employees
Source: iM Global Partner, data as of December 2020.
*Assets under management include Partner assets in proportion to participation.